WeMos Elecrow NodeMCU 32S Lua WiFi ESP32S Development Board WiFi Bluetooth


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NodeMCU is an open source platform for the Internet of things. It USES the Lua scripting language programming. The platform is based on eLua open source project. "NodeMCU – 32 s" based on ESP – 32 s module. The platform USES many open source projects, such as the lua – cjson, spiffs. "NodeMCU – 32 s" contains can run in ESP32 wi-fi SoC chip firmware, and hardware based on ESP – 32 s module. ESP32 is developed by Shanghai Espressif WiFi + bluetooth chip, embedded products is dedicated to provide you with access to the function of the network.
 "NodeMCU – 32 s" is the letter can be based on the ESP – 32 s module is the core of the design development board. The development board for NodeMCU 1.0 classic design, which leads to the most of the I/O to both sides of the needle, developers will be able to connect accessories according to your own requirements. Use the bread plate during development and debugging, on both sides of the standard row needles can make the operation more easy and convenient.
Package included:

1 x WeMos® Elecrow NodeMCU 32S Lua WiFi ESP32S Development Board